Traditional Animation
In our studio we produce cartoons, pixillation, packshots and claymation.

Over the years we have developed an infrastructure that covers the full range of the animation process - from the first sketches to the finished film or broadcast master.

Computer Animation
Every animation project demands its own aesthetic approach. By hand, or with the computer? Often, the right solution is found by combining the two methods, instead of choosing between them.

Our software programs - Matador, Illusion and, especially, Animo - leave the choice open to you. Drawn by hand and processed by computer: pencil test, paint and trace, automatic lip-sync, and vector animation in 2D and 3D.

For every type of creative process, Swiss Effects is able to draw on the services of a pool of experienced freelance artists, both within and outside Switzerland. Their talents include: layout, drawing, animation, graphic design, comics, model-building, sound effects, music...

Alongside commissioned projects, Swiss Effects' studio continues to produce its own animation films for children and adults.